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Splitero offers homeowners debt-free solutions for easy access to home equity.
Our Contribution
Social Media Graphics


As part of our engagement with Splitero, we helped re-design multiple sections of their marketing site. Our focus was on creating a cohesive, modern design that enhanced usability while maintaining the brand's core identity. This update involved streamlining navigation, introducing engaging visuals, and optimizing content layout.

Blog Illustrations

These unique, eye-catching illustrations not only enriched the reader's experience but also reinforced Splitero's brand identity, making each blog category graphic not just informative, but visually compelling and memorable.

Investor One-Pager

We created an impactful one-page document, specifically designed for presentations to potential investors. This concise yet powerful document was crafted to capture the essence of Splitero's vision and business potential. Our design balanced professionalism with creativity, ensuring that key information was presented in an engaging and memorable format.

Social Media Graphics

Our illustrators designed a set of vibrant, attention-grabbing social media graphics that not only resonated with Splitero's audience but also amplified their presence on various social platforms.

Custom Iconography

We created a set of bespoke icons, tailor-made to enhance Splitero's digital presence. These custom-designed icons distinctively communicated Splitero's core ideas, adding a unique visual flair to their marketing materials.


We infused a blend of creativity and professionalism into Splitero's slide decks, transforming mundane information into captivating visual stories that not only engaged their audience but also left a lasting impression.


We worked with Splitero to design compelling infographics that not only enhanced their blog posts and sales materials, but also offered an engaging visual experience to their customers, making complex data easily understandable and visually appealing.

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